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Make amazing flowers!!

2 usd

Make and grow flowers by carefully selecting flower seeds. Familiar characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Count Dracula, and wolf come to shop your flowers.When you see their smiles it makes you happy and you want to make more flowers.This app does not have any in-app purchases and third party advertising..Features:・Learn the structure of the society without words.・Provide instinctive user interface with illustrations.・Unique 30 kinds of flowers are available including animal and ice cream shaped flowers!・No in-app purchases and no advertisement for safety
Menus:・Grow flowers - Choose a seed and grow it into your favorite shape.・Fertilize and water Treat and grow flowers like real one.・Weather changes! Learn different weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, and windy.・Experience a lapse of time! Understand the concept of time.・Sell flowers Familiar characters come to shop your flowers.・Decorate your flowers based on characters' requests. Enjoy different ending scenes based on how customers like it.・Picture book You can collect your flowers into a picture book.
Enjoy the app with your babies and children.
About KidsStar:KidsStar helps all children to find "favorite things". We provide delight for knowledge and inspirations to foster the growth of our society.